Press Clippings:

"This is the hidden diamond that may be the best
to cross my desk all year!"

-Maverick Magazine(UK) / Editor


"Super musical history lesson"

-The Telegraph (UK)

"Emphasizing period-appropriate rhythms and instrumentation, the performers pinpoint the heartbreak, lust, loss and flirtatious play loaded within the original compositions"

-Paste Magazine       

"Chills went down my spine...A musical time machine" 

-Austin Chronicle


"Co-producers Paul Marsteller and Gabriel Rhodes have collected some of the most enduring songs of the 19th and early 20th centuries and faithfully reproduced them."

-Mojo Magazine

"What makes this collection such a winner is how
and thoughtfully these ancient tunes are
brought into the present"   

-Relix Magazine

"Winsome waltzes and wistful ballads cleaving to period instrumentation with rippling piano (usually by The Band's Garth Hudson)at its centre.  Richard Thompson's "The Band Played On" (1895) is a standout." 

-Uncut Magazine

"This combination of well-known ditties and rediscovered gems is truly beautiful." 

-Penguin Eggs(Canada)

-The Independent (UK)

"This is not nostalgia. No one alive will remember these songs from their youth. It is more a way of listening to the past and hearing what was once so modern as the music from bygone times and appreciating the beauty left behind."

-Pop Matters

"A fascinating concept, brilliantly executed"
-Dan Forte/Vintage Guitar Magazine

"A delicious snapshot in time..a delightfully
off-the-wall album, 
executed with gusto."

-Record Collector Magazine



-Bob Harris/BBC

"This exquisite collection is no exercise in nostalgia, but rather
an exemplar of tasteful and imaginative interpretation."  
-R2 Magazine (UK)

"It's glorious to have these old songs back"
-Songlines Magazine(UK)

"Reanimated turn-of-the-century songs –
both familiar and obscure –
with a hand-picked crew of singers and instrumentalists."

-Hyperbolium/No Depression